Hello all! I’m in the process of working with my friend who created my other business logos so I can get the new logos for the website and social media.

But, I wanted to give you a glimpse at what the design will look like because it will using the same basic designs as the logos on my other businesses.

My goal is to have the girl holding an embroidered banner between her two hands, if we can get it to look just right. And the small round logo will be red to match the red elements with white letters.

The three colors of my businesses/brand are red/turquoise/purple.

The last image are my colors and what my colors were prior to an update a little over a year ago.

For those wondering, yes I’m a Gemini and my favorite color is red except when it comes to my hair. For my hair it’s purple! ?

P.S. My little dog #RebaTheSpoiledDog is part of all my logos and even the thank you cards I send to customers.