Good morning everyone!

As a small business owner and someone who has had a passion for small business since a young age, I STRONGLY believe in supporting other small businesses. In this world of embroidery (both digitizing and selling finished products) there have been so many situations I’ve seen play out on Facebook over the years with this person not liking that person for whatever reason or accusations of stealing designs. I’m not in any of their shoes so I don’t know, and will never assume, who is right or wrong in any of the situations I’ve seen in the various FB groups.

But, what I do want to say is this. There are MANY, probably more than I can even think of off the top of my head, designers I purchase from and still will because I love what they offer and/or have gotten to know them personally.

So, I wanted to take a minute this morning to give them a shout out.

There are so many others, but these are designers I have bought from regularly for years. They each have their own design style which I love for its uniqueness. When I am ready to add new designs to GeminiRed Embroidery Designs I will do everything to stick to the esthetic of what is already available and avoid anything similar to my favorites. That’s not saying I will never create a key fob design…but if I do, I will do research to make sure it in no way infringes on the designs I’ve come to love over the years. Even though I hope that the designs you find here will always be top of mind to you, I encourage you to check out these designers I’ve mentioned (especially if you are new to embroidery and trying to find all of your own favorites).

I’d also like to share my friend Donna’s group Fountain of Blanks (Embroidery & Sublimation). She has an amazing inventory of embroidery and sublimation blanks that are RTS. She does pre-orders from time to time, but has a ton of ready to ship items and she ships quickly. She is transitioning from taking orders via her FB group to having everything on a website, but it’s quite an undertaking with all the inventory she has. Her prices are terrific too!

My friend Jennifer owns Speckled Sparrow Designs & Destash and if you have a small business she has beautiful stickers she has designed that look great on your packages when shipping to customers.

If you are looking for supplies on Amazon, I am an influencer and have a page with many of my favorite items. If you shop via this link I may earn a small commission for your purchase. Any money I earn is used toward giveaways and other benefits I provide to my customers. BTW…several of the businesses I support on Amazon are actually small businesses simply using Amazon’s platform to sell their products.

And lastly, if you have been considering purchasing software to use for embroidery to merge designs or add monograms and other personalization, I am an affiliate for Embrilliance. If you purchase through my link I will get credit and earn a commission.