Hello all! I’ve had a few questions about Store Credits, Gift Cards and other credits you may have from prior to the transition to GeminiRed Embroidery Designs.

Store Credits & Coupons

First…please remember that all messages should be sent through the NEED HELP form on the website. That is the best way for me to keep up with everything. Facebook messenger is for my personal messages only unless I specifically ask someone to message me.

Second…I cannot provide a blanket YES or NO to the question about credits you may have on the website because I honestly don’t know the answer. I have been looking through as much of the information as I can to find reports or information regarding credits people may have. That said, I was not aware of the possibility that there could be potentially THOUSANDS of dollars of store credit due to people.

There are a few things to consider (1) I’m technically under no obligation to accept old store credits, especially when some of the research I’ve done shows that the majority of these credits date back to 2018 and there has been ample time to use them, (2) I’ve already done quite a bit to ensure everyone has full access in every way possible to the files purchased during the previous deals, which I am doing in a good faith effort to keep everyone happy, (3) had Baby Kay’s closed and not transitioned to a new owner files and credits would have been gone forever. I’m doing everything I can to be a good owner and human by giving every ounce of myself, my patience, my understanding to do what I can for everyone.

Please understand that in most cases, stores across the country, have expiration dates on coupons and store credits and this will be the case for any that I issue, for any reason, in the future.

I cannot be expected to take a loss for all of the store credits and other coupons indefinitely. It simply isn’t right and it’s not how business works. If you have a store credit or any other coupon/gift card, as of today, the deadline for using it will be April 30, 2022. That gives everyone THREE months to use up their credits. My understanding is you should be able to see your balance when you log into your account or it should show you on the checkout page.

If you have an issue or question about any of this please fill out the NEED HELP form on the website. If you think you are owed a credit or purchased a gift card, and you do not see that information on your account, you will need to provide the order # for your gift card, a screen shot of the balance shown on your account, and any other information that will be helpful for me to honor the credit. I am limited in what I can see/find on the website due to how the credits show, so I will need your help to provide you with the credit you believe is owed to you.

I am willing to work with everyone, but in fairness, I can’t just give everything away and I can’t give people a credit if I don’t know it exists. Anyone who knows me can tell you I am fair and equatable, but I need the same in return.


NOTE: This has also been posted on the Facebook and Instagram pages and Facebook business page. After April 30th all credits will be gone.