Hello all! As I continue to work through making updates on the website, I want to point out a couple things and also ask for a favor!

First…I’ve added tabs that will show up for each design with the headers IMPORTANT INFO, SOCIAL MEDIA, UPDATE, & SOFTWARE. These tabs have information you will find helpful such as reminders that photos on the website and included in the files are not to be used on your owns sites and social accounts, (You may use a picture of the stitch map image/design.), information about sharing your stitchouts on social media (there are rewards), update about the transition from Baby Kay’s to GeminiRed, and general information about using software (which includes my affiliate link for Embrilliance). DESCRIPTION and REVIEWS tabs were there previously, but they are equally important. The description provides information about the design including sizes and formats, and in some cases links to other designs.

The favor I have is regarding the REVIEWS tab. Small businesses rely heavily on word of mouth and reviews from customers. If you have purchased a design (or many), it would be so amazing if you would take a few minutes of your time and leave reviews on the products you’ve purchased. I know you’ve probably purchased 100s of designs, so just leaving a review for a few of them would be extremely impactful. You will need to sign in to leave a “verified” review.

If you’d like to also leave a generic review (not specific to any particular design), it would be equally amazing if you’d leave a review on the GeminiRed Appliques & Embroidery Designs Facebook business page. You can do that by going to the page and on the left hand side clicking the word REVIEWS. NOTE: Name on Facebook is different than website due to a glitch with Facebook and the ability to update business names.

Leave a Review

Thank you all so much! Remember, if you need help or have questions, please fill out the NEED HELP form on the website.