In case you missed the news in the Facebook group, here’s an update and introduction from me. The new owner of what was formerly Baby Kay’s Appliqués and is now GeminiRed Embroidery Designs.

Hello Everyone!! I’m so excited to be following in Teresa’s foot steps. There is ZERO chance I can fill her shoes…I’m simply following up where she is leaving off.

A little about me.
(1) I’m not new to the small business ownership world. When I was 11, I started my own babysitting business by making business cards out of index cards and passing them out in my condo complex. 40 years later I own two businesses (now 3) – a sewing/embroidery business making items for my customers and a virtual assistant business helping my clients with keeping their websites updated, creating monthly newsletters for them, social media posts, bookkeeping and much more!
(2) I’m extremely clumsy…like, it probably isn’t smart that I have a business where sharp objects are a main part of what I do. ?
(3) I’ve never been married or had kids because no one could measure up to the high standards I set after watching how my stepdad treated my mom. He unexpectedly passed away at the age of 56 (he was 10.5 years younger than my mom) in August 2014 and my mother and I live together helping to keep each other laughing and taking care of one another. But, if I’m honest – she takes way better care of me than I do of her!
(4) My mom and I co-parent the most spoiled little chihuaua who has her own Facebook page – Daily Dose of Reba.
(5) I’m one of two kids and six grandkids and I’m the favorite (no matter what anyone says).
(6) I used to own a salon and day spa and sadly, had to close due to the economic downturn in 2009. It was a life long dream and I’m glad I at least had the chance. I’d do it again if the circumstances were perfect, but in reality know that isn’t a good decision at this stage of the game/world. I am known for my blonde and purple hair and people always ask when I don’t have purple in my hair.
(7) My mom and I moved to Rincon, GA 2 weeks shy of a year ago. We are 40 minutes from Savannah where she and my (step)dad often visited so I made the decision we should move down here and mom agreed after some convincing.
(?  I published a book called “Just Say No…To Kids | Fifty Reasons Not to Have Kids” as a joke because I always knew I didn’t want any. It’s even available on my website ?  And prior to that I contributed to a book that was published called “The 20 Project” where a bunch of us over the age of 20 wrote about advice we would offer to 20 somethings (from the other side of 20).
(9) I hate having those little numbers on my phone or inbox that makes it look like I haven’t read notifications or messages. It stresses me out.
(10) I have walked 1 full marathon and 2 half marathons in Negril, Jamaica; Greece; and Las Vegas all to raise money for charitable causes. One of which was for Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation – my mom has Crohn’s and I have Ulcerative Colitis.

So…enough about me personally. I was so excited for the opportunity to keep Baby Kay’s alive in some way. I have secured the domain for GeminiRed Embroidery Designs and will be transferring all data over ASAP. I may need to turn off the shopping feature on the website for a couple of days to get it all set up and will keep everyone posted.

My goal as of right now is to maintain the site as is so everyone still has access to their purchases and can purchase items they don’t already have. I am going to give it 6-12 months before I look into adding new designs because I want to stay in keeping with the esthetic that Teresa created because that’s what brought me to Baby Kay’s in the first place.
I will be changing the name of the group and Facebook page, but will make sure people know the designs are Baby Kay’s originals.

I’m finalizing setting up my email, but Office 365 is not cooperating today so it may be another day before it’s complete. When ready I will share it with the group. I prefer email to FB messages because they are easier to manage. My other businesses are GeminiRed Creations and GeminiRed Virtual Services. If you ever have questions about anything related to your small business I’m happy to help if I can.

Thank you for the support – please continue to share these designs with your embroidery friends! ❤

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know! This is what I look like when my hair and makeup are ready for a photoshoot. During CVD – not so much. LOL