I am so excited to pass along Baby Kays to a very awesome lady! Heather A Stafford is the new owner! I have known her for quite a while and she has always been there to help me with website issues when needed. She spent so much of her time helping me learn website design and anything I asked of her.

She is hard working and talented and I could not think of a better person to take over. Heather will make her own announcements soon but for my final announcement I want to say (I’m not crying, I’m not crying)….. thank you!

Thank you to my dedicated customers who have been there since day one. Thank you to Teresa J Vaughan for giving me my start and noticing my 3D fish and for always letting me come hang out at your shop. Thank you to Deborah and Wendy for being my #1 ladies behind the scenes through everything!! Thank you Tina for always being my number one fan even though you never learned embroidery. ?

I am so excited to give my full attention now to my family and my students. ❤️

1. I will still be here for a short time to help with the transition.
2. Once Heather takes over full time there will be very little help allotted for past BK designs.
3. The business name will be changed to GeminiRed Designs.
4. The website name will change but everything else will remain the same. You will not lose your accounts or past purchases or gift cards.
5. I will answer emails for one more week as I can and then BK emails will be shut off as Heather sets up her own business email.
Please let me or Heather know if you have any questions and we will do our best to answer everyone during this transition.