Good morning everyone. I’m part of a group of designers/digitizers and Stephani, who owns A-Z Embroidery Designs shared with us that her tester’s son was diagnosed with leukemia recently. The group of us put together a bundle of designs she is offering at a special price to help raise money for the family.

Donation Bundle

Stephani’s group (listed below), is where you can go to make a donation and receive the design bundle to help this family. Money must be sent to her via PayPal friends and family.

Below you will find a list of designers that have contributed a design. If you aren’t in their groups, I highly recommend you go join. I mean we all need to be surrounded by people who do good in the world and these ladies are “do good” ladies.

PLEASE NOTE – this is a donation bundle. Funds MUST BE SENT as FRIENDS and FAMILY through PAYPAL. This will prevent any fees from being taken out.

I have marked off the next 4 days from my calendar so I can do nothing but send files once the donation has been made. I am offering this bundle, all these amazing designs for $7 minimum. However, if you feel led to donate more, I won’t turn it away. Once you have sent the files, please click on my name and send me a screenshot of the funds sent AND your email that you want me to send the donation bundle to. I will email you the zipped folder containing all the designs.

Let’s show the Buckland family our support and how the embroidery community comes together to “do good” for others. If you are not in a position to donate, please keep this family in your prayers in the days, weeks and months ahead. I know they truly appreciate the prayers.


If you want to follow David’s journey as he SLAYS LEU here is the link to the Facebook group that has been created. The Bucklands really want to bring awareness and share their faith with the world as they walk this journey. With all they symptoms David as having, Sue never would of put it together that it was the “C” word. Maybe reading the story will save one person or someone they love from the “C” word.