I have seen this nightmare way too many times. I get an email almost every week from someone who tells me their computer crashed and they lost all their embroidery files. EEEK!

Ladies, stop trying to back up files to USB sticks… they break or get lost. Stop using a portable hard drive. These can be good but are also just another piece of tech that can break, get lost, or destroyed. These can easily become corrupt with the download of 1 bad file and then ALL your files are gone!

At Baby Kay’s at least you know if you do happen to loose our files they are always on your account for you to download again. But what about all those other companies that keep going out of business? OR what if you have retired designs no longer offered? How will you ever get those back?

Have no Fear!!!! Carbonite is HERE!!! I personally use Carbonite.com to back up ALL of my files on every computer I own. Now I am not trying to endorse them and they are not the only online file backup software there is. They are, however, the one that I have used for 5 years. Two years ago my computer decided it could no longer go on and it crashed hard. I lost everything!!! Family photos, all of my hard work, kids school reports, EVERYTHING!!!!…. GONE!!! (just picture me with a sad face here)

But I was okay with that. Seriously! With Carbonite they backup my computer 24/7. So every time I add a new file, download anything, change anything, move anything…. did I say ANYTHING?… They are adding it to their system within seconds! It is like having an exact duplicate of your computer in their system. You can access it from anywhere. Maybe you are on vacation and suddenly remember a document you left on your computer, or want to pull up those family photos to show someone… Go to ANY computer, log into Carbonite, and you are right on your computer!

So please… I urge you! Look up Carbonite.com or any online file backup software you are comfortable with and don’t ever worry about moving your files yourself again. You’ll thank me one day. (wink <— that’s me… winking at you)