I was in a sewing store and a lady asked me if I could fix my designs so her machine would run slower. She said the fast speed kept breaking her thread.

I had to explain that there is no way to digitize machine speed. Your machine sets its own speed. If you notice when it is stitching a straight line or a thin satin stitch it may run very fast but if it is doing wide satin stitches or a large fill area it may slow down.

You can adjust your own machine speed so that it does not run any faster than a certain SPM (stitches per minute).

Refer to your machines manual to make these adjustments. This can be a major factor in the outcome of a great stitchout. I NEVER run my machine above 800spm on applique designs and I slow it down to 500-600spm on embroidery or lettering.

Here is a snippet from a BabyLock Flourish owners manual that shows how to lower your machine speed.

I hope this helps! If you are having other issues with your machine check out this information from All Brands to find possible causes of the issue.