Comfy Clothes & Murder Shows {Six Sizes}



Are you an Investigation Discovery (ID) junkie? If you find yourself gravitating to shows like Snapped, Evil Lives Here, Cold Justice, Reaonable Doubt and more; this Comfy Clothes & Murder Shows design is perfect for embroidering on a sweatshirt or fuzzy blanket for lounging around and binge watching your favorites. With six (6) sizes to choose from you can stitch on just about any size shirt or blanket.

This design comes in six (6) sizes with four (4) different design types. I created these as separte files to make it easier for those who may not have software to make changes or remove steps and so you don’t have to remember to skip the knockdown if you are embroidering on a shirt or other item without a thick nap.

Files included:

  • Design with only two (2) colors and no knockdown (file name: ComfyClothes)
  • Design with only two (2) colors plus knockdown (file name: ComfyClothesKnockdown)
  • Design with four (4) colors including a separate step for the knife blade with blood dripping (file name: MurderShows)
  • Design with four (4) colors with blood dripping; plus the knockdown (file name: MurderShowsKnockdown)

Sizes included: 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, 10×10


My sample was embroidered on a piece of soft fleece and sewn into a pillow cover with fun popcorn cotton fabric. No time to make your own pillow or gift? The sample stitch out was created by me and is available for sale in my shop GeminiRed Creations. All samples are ready to ship and available at a 20% discount. The Blessed design was sewn into a pillow cover.

Blanket with the cute cat was embroidered by Corena at Bella Bleu Embroidery. Cat tested and approved!!


EMBROIDERY DESIGNS: All items are digital downloads and not physical products. All files are included in a zipped folder which will need to be unzipped before viewing. You may NOT use the stitched out photo shown on the design listings to advertise in any way and you may not use it on your website/store or other online sources. You must stitch out your own finished product for potential customers to see. You MAY use the digital photo (stitch map) provided in the folder.

CUT FILES: These files are not to be shared or resold. You may NOT use these design to digitize any other files or create appliqué or embroidery designs. You may use the designs to create a physical item for sale such as cards, cutouts, vinyl decals and more. These designs are the original artwork of Baby Kay’s Appliqués (now GeminiRed Embroidery Designs). You MAY use the digital photos to sell your items or to show to customers and you may NOT use any photos of physical products.

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One great option is Embrilliance software. It is relatively low in price compared to others and easy to use. If you are interested in purchasing, you can use my affiliate link to purchase directly from Embrilliance. Please note that I may earn a small commission if you purchase from my link. I use these earnings to provide giveaways to customers and other offers. I appreciate you supporting my business and the ability for me to earn money to give back to you!

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